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Park Hotel Ermitage
Parks & Entertainment
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Parks & Entertainment

Have you ever seen colourful tropical fish up close? Would you like to meet a friendly penguin? Are you ready to become able pilots or fearsome pirates? Are you brave enough to face the tallest slide in the world? Just look around, there's a world of fun that awaits!  

Caribe Bay

Reduced entry for Park Hotel Ermitage guests.

Caribe Bay is much more than just a water park; there’s also loads of non-water fun too. It has 26 attractions, including the world’s highest water slide and Europe’s highest bungee jump. There are also 7 professional performances and 4 entertainment activities.

Opened in 1989, Caribe Bay is Italy’s no. 1 water park. Just a short distance from Venice, this 80,000 mq2 Caribbean island is an oasis of fun where you can enjoy relaxation, good times, extreme sports and attractions for all age groups – there’s something for children, teenagers and families.

Caribe Bay is a really special and unique place with: 7 themed areas (including Shark Bay, the world’s only wave pool with sand both in and out of the water), 26 water and non-water attractions (including the world’s highest water slide and Europe’s highest bungee jump), 6 thrilling highly professional performances, 5 entertainment activities (surrounded by palm trees and thousands of flowers and plants) and plenty in the way of dancing, sports, games and fitness.

Tropicarium Park

The Tropicarium in Jesolo has around 400 types of animals, from friendly turtles and tortoises to reptiles like geckos, lizards and iguanas, monitor lizards, small and large snakes, frogs, toads and salamanders. 

There are 9 super friendly and cheeky types of penguins and a new area has just been opened with some great primates, delightful monkeys that love being the centre of attention and that come from a number of parks in Germany (the most recent arrivals are a complete family adopted from  Jedemberg: mum, dad and their little ones!). And don’t forget the area with the nocturnal animals, birds of prey and stunning, magical owls.

A really special place and the only one of its kind in Italy. An amazing experience great for all the family in the famous seaside resort of Jesolo Lido Venice.

Jolly Roger


Captain Jack and his crew are ready to set sail on an intrepid journey to catch their enemy’s ship! Conjuring up classic sea tales of the fearless Jack Sparrow, Henry Morgan and the Black Corsair, the pirates of the Jolly Roger will take you on a thrilling adventure to find the enemy and the legendary treasure chest.

An amazing one and a half hour journey in which the Jolly Roger pirates transform adults and children into real pirates with the Black Tattoo.
After making a toast together, the ship sails along the Jesolo skyline, until it finally meets the enemy ship and then it’s time for everyone on board to get ready with their swords for an amazing battle!

On the way back, the crazy crew gets everyone involved with music and games until the ship comes into port once again. 
Ready to set sail and be a part of this fantastic adventure? Then jump aboard barefoot and in your swimming costume.

New Jesolandia

New Jesolandia is a new theme park in Jesolo. Situated at the entrance to the Lido and measuring 20,000 m2, it offers fun and attractions for children and adults and is a fantastic place for families.

This huge space guarantees loads of happy times and a 20-camera CCTV system means you can spend exciting and, most importantly, safe evenings here with your family.

A free bus service to the park leaves from the bus station every 30 minutes between 8pm and 1am.

Go Kart - Pista Azzurra

Pista Azzurra  was built in 1962 and was one of the first racetracks in Italy. It was later altered in 1985 to include the existing track and today it is now a true icon in international go-karting. Over the last fifty years, some of the world’s best go-karters have raced at Pista Azzurra, many of whom have reached the peak of racing in F1.

The first World Championship was held here in 1968 and from 1972 thirteen editions of the Champions League were hosted – a real World Championship of sorts in those years. Plus there have been various editions of European and national championships, where racing drivers of the likes of Prost, Patrese, Senna, Zanardi, Schumacher, Fisichella, Kubica, Badoer, Hamilton and many more have starred in thrilling races at the Jesolo track.
This is the reason why Pista Azzurra (with its highly technical track) continues to be considered a great testing ground for new pilots wanting to test out speed quality and their vehicles.

Pista Azzurra has also hosted a variety of events such as the Festivalbar music concert and Ferrarissimo, as well as motorcycle rallies and, most recently, Bike Week. It is a multi-functional space that can answer to the needs of a variety of events. 
Last but not least, it is also used for driving courses and for open days, when new car models are presented to customers.

Technical details

Length: 1045 metres
Width: 8 metres
Paddock: 220 stands
Covered boxes: 30